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Hello, I’m Miranda. I’m a freelance writer/journalist/editor/copy editor and adjunct English professor who is actively looking for both freelance and full-time opportunities within these fields. I have taught courses in college-level English (academic writing courses focused on rhetoric/composition) for ten years, have written for various online and print publications since 2001, and have substantive editing and copy editing experience. I’m on LinkedIn if you’re interested in more information and/or connecting & my resume is available here.

My writing portfolio and examples of my published work are available at both mirandaswriting.net and mirandacelestehale.contently.com.

My work within the skeptic community, including presentations at TAM 2012, TAM 2013, & TAM 2014, has focused on the intersection of rhetoric and skeptical activism.

On this site, among other things, you can find articles & essays that I’ve written for various other publications & websites, a link to my blog (and to my archived blog posts), links to my YouTube videos, podcast interviews, & other media appearances, and information on my various talks and presentations.

I’m available for & interested in freelance and/or full-time writing/journalism/editing opportunities. If you’re interested in hiring me, or if you’d like me to be on your podcast, or have me speak at your event, etc., contact me here.

I’m also working on a book (slowly) and am endlessly wanderlustful.

Find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, QuoraGoogle+, Instagram, and YouTube, or send me a message here.

Thanks! xx


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