This adorable kitty lives in the apartment below mine. I call her “Madame Moustache”, or sometimes just “Madame”. All I know is that she’s female and quite old. She’s also a moody kitteh: one minute she’ll run up to greet me at my car and roll over onto her back for a belly rub, then she’ll suddenly start to “fight” me, scratching and hissing. As Professor Ceiling Cat pointed out to me, she most likely never learned to play in a non-aggressive manner, and thus doesn’t understand that her style of  playfulness can seem rather combative to teh humanz.

A few days ago, after giving her a belly rub, I decided to take a short film of she and I playing together. It’s cute and rather lolzy in places:

And some photos of Madame:

Madame Moustache #3

Madame Moustache #1

Madame Moustache #4

(The first two are Hipstamatic photos: Lens: John S/Film: Ina’s 1935/Flash: Off)

Aw! I ♥ her.

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3 Responses to Madame Moustache

  1. kidtwist29 says:

    For some cats it’s not unusual for them to begin playing and then they feel vulnerable and they become defensive. I used to have a cat that was like that. She’d roll over and let me rub her belly for about three seconds and then the claws would come out. She drew blood more than a few times. But I kept falling for it.


  2. […] to avoid getting completely soaked, I decided to wait out the downpour on the porch belonging to Madame Moustache, Neighbor Kitty Extraordinaire. While waiting, I attempted to take a photo of Madame and me, and it […]

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