Some scenes from August:

Diet Cherry 7-Up is really, really good


Pretty floating candle


Madame Moustache falls asleep on the job. Also, she resembles a loaf of bread.


Mr. Frosty!


Powerlines & a lovely summer morning sky


A favorite purse


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4 Responses to August photos

  1. Cain says:

    I like the Diet Cherry 7-Up photo alot. The overexposure in the top right and the light reflecting off the bubbles is interesting.

    OT: Is something wrong with one of your eyeballs? You don’t seem to take photos of them both at the same time. ;-)

  2. I love how that one turned out. And sadly enough, it was the first time that I realized that the soda was pink! I’ve been drinking it for a while, but only out of a can.

    & Heh! That’s probably because I have a difficult time with the front-facing iPhone camera. I can never quite figure out exactly where to look

  3. pete says:

    Lovely photos, lovely you.

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