Last weekend, I went to the MAC to see a lovely and fascinating exhibit: “Leonardo da Vinci: Man, Inventor, Genius“. When the security guard wandered into another room (I wasn’t sure whether or not photography was allowed), I quickly took this photo of a replica of one of my favorite Leonardo paintings, Lady with an Ermine:

It’s gorgeous, with intriguing symbolism and an extremely interesting backstory.

And because I’ll use any possible excuse to post a clip from Doctor Who, here’s a great Leonardo-related bit from my favorite DW episode, City of Death:


A light switch in my apartment. I drew the hearts on it when I first moved in:


Trees during a rainstorm:

(Hipstamatic info: Lens: Libatique 73/Film: Ina’s 1935/Flash: Off)


That rainstorm involved a sudden and unexpected downpour, which occurred as I was heading back to my apartment from my car. In an attempt to avoid getting completely soaked, I decided to wait out the downpour on the porch belonging to Madame Moustache, Neighbor Kitty Extraordinaire. While waiting, I attempted to take a photo of Madame and me, and it sort of worked. She was more interested in rubbing up against my back, though. The second photo makes me giggle:


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12 Responses to More August photos & adventures

  1. Alan Canon says:

    Miss Moustache is a little BABY! :)

  2. pete says:

    I (lightswitch)heart this post.

  3. What is it with atheists and Doctor Who? Must be a Russell T. Davies thing. :)

    Love the blog, which I’ve just discovered. And yes, love Doctor Who, which I discovered 33 years ago!

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