Exciting!: Although The Magic of Reality won’t be released in the U.S. until October 4th, the iPad edition is already available. I downloaded it earlier today:

Yay! I’m very excited to read it. ♥

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  1. Astro Nj says:

    I didnt know you turned twelve. :-D
    I liked the below review.
    “I wanted to write this book but I wasn’t clever enough. Now I’ve read it, I am”
    —Ricky Gervais

  2. Steve Zara says:

    I have no doubt it’s a great read, but I just can’t read it myself. I am too pedantic. Richard is without doubt a truly great writer of prose, and I adore his writings on evolution, but he doesn’t always get things right when it comes to other areas of science. They are tiny mistakes but ones that niggle me. For example, in the link to the iPad edition, it shows Richard saying that life has to be close to a star. That could be wrong! It’s feasible for life to arise and thrive on exoplanets with thick enough atmosphere to hold in the heat from their interiors. It may be that there is vast quantities of life in such very stable situations, just like we now know that most of Earth’s biomass is in the form of bacteria in the crust!

    It’s a small mistake, but grates. There are probably others.

  3. Justicar says:

    Sorry, I’m still boycotting Dawkins (for not going to my blog and posting on it). I’ll give him until October 4 to reconsider.

    • It really is beautiful. The iPad is the perfect platform for it

      • Justicar says:

        @carolynporco tweeted today asking if people would prefer to buy an e-book or paper book on the Cassini study of Saturn she might be writing. I said I’d buy either, but an e-book has more utility in regards pictures. I referenced “Magic”; perhaps you could tweet her your take since it might factor into her decision making.

        • I might do that :) Thanks! & Yeah, I’d also buy either. I think there are benefits to each platform, but the iPad is especially great for books that contain beautiful graphics and lend themselves to interactive activities and accompanying video/audio content, etc.

  4. Justicar says:

    Pardon the link here, but it’s gone over by Richard Dawkins. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBrP3-Ep3ww

    Yeah. Thank my lucky stars I’m still boycotting him. You just know it’s going to suck, right? =P

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