Me & some birthday (peach) pie!:

(My birthday was a few days ago.)

Delicious stuff!

Also, me & my birthday pie are honored to have been featured in this post by Jerry “Professor Ceiling Cat, PhD” Coyne.

& On the “my friends write great blog posts” note, be sure to check out Brother Blackford’s wise and thoughtful commentary on the issues discussed in my recent post about American Atheists.

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13 Responses to Mmm, peach pie…

  1. Justicar says:

    Word I’ve never said to a woman: nice pie.

  2. John Yates says:

    One of the things that I always appreciate about my far too infrequent trips to the US are the wonderful array of delicious fruit-filled pies that are on offer. Here in the UK we’re more partial to varying types of meat pie, and there’s nothing better than visiting my relatives in New Jersey to be able to sample some wonderful sweet pie treats. :)

    • Pie can be so addictive! If I had it around the house all of the time, though, I’d get insanely fat within a week, so I must save it for special occasions :)

    • Word to that John. I used to live in a squat in Brixton and in the opposite apartment lived a 57 year old guy from Michigan. He cooked us all Christmas dinner one year – the pumpkin pie, I’ll never forget it…

  3. Juno Walker says:

    I LOVE peaches. White peaches, in particular. And I pronounce “white” the way Stewie Griffin does.

    • Is there a skit about Stewie saying “white”? I can’t remember. I know there’s one about the way he says “whip”

      • junowalker says:

        Haha, no. But I had a student in my last class who pronounced every “wh” word with the “h”. Actually, he added an “h” to every “w” word, too. It whas pretty funny. But I guess you had to be there, lol.

  4. Pies ~ Pies ~ Pies

    I love a pie surprise – a perfect pie must have a lid

  5. SoloGen says:

    Happy birthday!

  6. god. you’re gorgeous.

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