I came across an awesome and adorable Tumblr blog this weekend: “Writers and Kitties“.  A few of my favorites:

1) William Carlos Williams (look how dapper & lovely he was!):


2) Tennessee Williams (& a curious kitteh):


3) Mark Twain (aww!):


4) Kingsley Amis:


5) George Orwell getting photobombed by a kitteh!:

(“Oh hai der Mizter Orwell, I iz sorry for photobombin yr pictshur wit yr goggie, but I comez to teh beach todai becuz I rilly wantz to talk wit u about dat kitteh in Animal Farm. We felidz resent bein teh symbol ov laziness an apathee!”)


6) Hemingway giving a kitteh some corn. Nom nom nom!:


Go have a look at the rest. Aww!

& Bonus lolz! Check out this screenshot from my iPhone TV listings app:

Ha! “Naughty cats”! For some reason, that makes me think of kittehs reenacting this scene (or any scene, really) from The Benny Hill Show. Cheeky!

Also, a woman cheered for the wrong girl at a swim meet? OH THE HIJINKS!!! Oh goodness, I sometimes forget that AFHV is still on.

Anyway, writers + kittehs = adorableness! ♥

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25 Responses to Writers + kittehs = adorableness

  1. Maurílio Sayão says:

    I liked

  2. QuentinTheThird says:

    “Milk for the pussens”

  3. Michael Fisher says:

    Hi Miranda ~ great post

    Will you embed this one of a Edward Gorey & his relaxed cats in a book havan?

    Benny Hill eh ? You are full of surprises :)

  4. C says:

    Its hard to see you as someone educated or smart, when you have pictures that force us to focus on you sexually. its clear you have a pornography addiction (amongst others)

    • QuentinTheThird says:

      Where did that come from? I sincerely doubt anyone is forcing you to read her blog or look at her pictures. You are the one turning her into an object by commenting on what she looks like rather than what she says.

    • Michael Fisher says:

      I do wish people like you had the courage to go by a real name

      …when you have pictures that force us to focus on you sexually

      “us” is an interesting choice of word & why would you feel forced to do anything? There’s not enough context in your rant so I’m going to wildly guess that you’re female & comfortable with expressions like “gender traitor”

    • I have no clue what you’re talking about, “C”. And considering that I’m about to go to bed and would prefer not to wake up to more of your odd & disturbing & troll-y comments, I just banned you. Congrats! You get the illustrious honor of being only the third person I’ve ever felt the need to ban.

    • Thanny says:

      Because any woman who might be perceived as sexually attractive cannot be intelligent and educated, in your strange world.

      In mine, sexual attraction does not detract from intellectual appreciation. The latter, in fact, enhances the former, including inversely.

      In other words, smart is sexy, while stupid is ugly.

    • pete says:

      I’m convinced the original commenter mistook the photo of William Carlos Williams as being Miranda. ‘Cause that’s one damn sexy hat. Quit forcing us to view hats! It’s so freaking offensive how they’re all hotty-hatty and detracts from how smart hats can be. Smart meaning dapper in this case. (Like it makes any sense that way either…)

    • Looking back at C’s post I can agree he has a point about the porn on this blog — only in this case, I think “kitty porn” is the apt descriptor. ;-)

  5. Alexandra says:

    Thanks for sharing! I knew about Hemingway and cats ( I think the story is that earlier in his life he disliked cats but then things changed and he had dozens of them in his garden) but I didn’t know so many authors liked cats too.

  6. Marc J. Ouimet says:

    Thank you for the great photos and comments Miranda,
    The love and respect of animals big and small comes with wisdom. They have so much to teach us once we earn their trust.

  7. uiui says:

    Vc e uma bela professora, pena q mora ai nessa m… de pais.

  8. pete says:

    Amis looks a bit like the estimable Mr. Fry. I must have a photo of Stephen with a kitteh!

  9. jonjermey says:

    Hmm.. I suspect Mr Orwell’s ‘cat’ is actually a prick-eared Scottie or Yorkshire terrier. Cats aren’t usually very comfortable that close to the sea.

  10. http://catladiesproject.blogspot.com/2010/12/charles-bukowski-and-friend.html

    So many of his poems have cats in them. I think they are Bukowski’s male metaphor.

  11. First-time reader…fun post! I’m not sure I ever knew before exactly what William Carlos Williams looked like, and now I’ll forever associate him with cute kittehs. “So much depends / upon / a red tabby / cat…”

  12. Ian says:

    When my eyes first glanced at the picture of William Carlos Williams holding the kittens I thought it was a picture of Jude Law, and I still think he looks like Jude Law in the picture. It’s an uncanny resemblance.

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