Here’s a hilarious clip about religion, atheism, and morality from last night’s episode of Community. It’s great to see an openly atheist character on a popular (and awesome) t.v. show:


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6 Responses to Hilarious discussion of religion, atheism, and secular morality on “Community”

  1. Kote says:

    Jesus Love´s Marihuana, Nice!!! It must be something very wrong if “authorities” prohibit the nature and allows the legal toxic ones, Everyone have so many things in common and they´re still people that don´t wanna see it, independent of each one philosophy, the acts make the real differences.

  2. karolyrfeher says:

    Ha ha ha! very funny! but cleverly ironic! i t was been shown here in the Uk typicaly i came across it and now its gone in was on E4 not long ago so maybe i just started as it was coming to end of the session?

  3. He’s hoping capitalism gets more good verbiage in the future. I use to think if people were less religious we’d have better politics, but that was totally wrong. Just being atheist isn’t enough to get this country back on its feet.

  4. pete says:

    I look stinky…

  5. Functional Atheist says:

    This brought to mind Sam Harris’ most recent blog post (11/5/11), which pertained to violence, risk reduction and self-defense:

    Apologies for being boring or didactic or obvious, but it isn’t wise to pick up a hitch-hiker to to demonstrate sass, generosity, or kindness.

  6. lol thank you for sharing that

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