Beautiful early morning November sky:


& More lovely sky:


& Ooh, I love this song! I’d almost forgotten about it until it came up on my iTunes today. It’s The Troggs‘s “With a Girl Like You“:


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24 Responses to Some November photos & some lovely music

  1. Hey, too bad you couldn’t find a spot with more wires. You look gorgeous though.

  2. John Vogel says:

    The Troggs… excellent.
    Although, I prefer The Kinks
    (More crunchy garage proto-punk goodness for me to enjoy).
    The November pictures are good too.

    • Yeah, the Kinks are fantastic. & Apparently, there’s a bit of a connection, as the Troggs were “discovered” by the Kinks’ manager:

    • Kreg says:

      The Troggs – yeah! last year at this time of year I was listening the hell out of “girl like you” – terrific song… And Miranda, its lovely to watch you read things; Its fair to say thats a bit of a creepy sounding statement but I have always enjoyed talk radio etc and find your voice to be quite nice to listen to, very soothing and present. Have a lovely Holiday :)

  3. The Trogg-Head-Wobble is totally mesmerising. I found myself copying him, but, I went dizzy and had to stop.

    • Heh! Totally. Reg Presley was the epitome of a Charming Nerd. And he did that head-wobble a lot, it seems. Here he is doing it in a performance of “Wild Thing”. Also, note that they seem to love them some stripe-y suits!

  4. karolyrfeher says:

    Yup lovely shade of blue crazy electric wires! and a lovely snap of you! why I HAZ BANGS? hangover? wish i looked as good after getting smashed! ha ha ha! and yeah a grat 60,s track!

  5. Well, I think that bangs suit you, but I am biased – I like them! (I don’t know, I’m not getting any older but professors, like policemen, seem to be getting younger and younger.)
    Beautiful blue skies; here it is all grey but, sorry to say, I cannot say the same for the music as I have always preferred classical.

  6. karolyrfeher says:

    Did you know Reg is a keen ufo gadge! seen a few interviews were he discribes why kool guy! and Wild thing is great did you ever see the film Somthing Wild they use it in the film Ray Liotta is the meany! brilliant film i belive i have it some where, oh Jeff Dianels gets the treatment from him in persuit of his wayward girl friend Melanie Griffith…

  7. John Greg says:

    Blue skies smilin’ at me
    Nothin’ but blue skies do I see
    Bluebirds singin’ a song
    Nothin’ but bluebirds all day long.

  8. Functional Atheist says:

    Cool song from a British invasion band that doesn’t receive the attention they deserve (I’m like most in preferring the Beatles/Stones/Kinks, but that’s no reason not to love some Troggs).

    Wes Anderson, as I suspect you are aware, is notable for his great use of similar Brit-pop on the soundtracks for his movies. His films are far from flawless (though Rushmore is very very good) but his soundtracks are always terrific.

    Oh and nice pics, and cute bangs. Love those deep blue Indian Summer skies. Enjoy the weekend and Happy (impending) Turkey Day.

    • Ooh yes, I love Wes Anderson’s soundtracks (and some of his movies) so much. The Who’s “A Quick One, While He’s Away” fits this scene from Rushmore so well, and it’s the perfect segment of the song to use:

      • Karoly says:

        Ha ha ha! very funny and your right the piece goes with it! & Bill Murry as ever crazy! there seems to be a Prince thing going on here just watched a doc about him and now showing Purple Rain… :)

  9. JS1685 says:

    Why all the hatin’ on the wires? I think they give the photos some geometric interest. Sort of nudges them toward “art”.

  10. breacais says:

    Have to admit that to me they are a mess. I noticed that years ago when I stayed near Bremerton. Here in the UK you very rarely see wires above ground these days. I guess having them exposed makes it easier to repair tho’.

    • JS1685 says:

      I meant in the photos, specifically. I’d have to admit that irl they are an eyesore.

      • breacais says:

        Ah, I see what you mean. I have to say tho’ that we have three (electricity supply) wires crossing our garden and they really annoy me when I want to take a photo of a beautiful sunset, or of the sea at the bottom of the garden, from an upstairs window. I guess it is /chacun à son goût/.

  11. karolyrfeher says:

    Ps,thats what the wire,s remind me of in a way black contrails! you know aeroplanes leave white ones! :)

  12. Samantha says:

    Pretty you! & I love the wires photos so much!

  13. Karoly says:

    Do you like the Stones? he is a nice one of there,s! She,s a Rainbow… Mmm not sure if thats right but you tube has it any way :)

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