I must admit that despite (or perhaps because of) its cheesiness, I find the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade rather charming. I quite like the mini-performances put on by the casts of various Broadway musicals, and there’s something weirdly mesmerizing about enormous balloons floating down the street. I can’t help but watch at least a bit of the parade every year.

The best thing that the parade has ever produced is this epically awesome moment from 2008 in which Rick Astley Rickrolled the entire country. I totally didn’t see it coming, and I remember 1) giggling like crazy, and 2) trying to wrap my head around the meta-meme-ness of it all.

Anyway, here it is in all its epically hilarious glory:

Haha! Oh man, I love Rick Astley. I had his poster on my wall when I was nine or ten. He was totally dreamy.

And just because they make me LOL:


Happy Thanksgiving!

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9 Responses to Thanksgiving lulz & cuteness

  1. Nice happy snap of you and little ones! so that were Rick Gastly ended up ha ha ha! only kidding the song takes me back to a good time along with others of that time that Macy thing is kool i like the blue thumb thing! :)

  2. JS1685 says:

    My 2 1/2 yo daughter has taken dozens upon dozens of photos with the front-facing camera. :)

    • Kids are mesmerized by it! :) & I sometimes think about how today’s kids are going to have SO many photos of themselves to look back on when they’re adults. They’ll have a ton more than those of us who were born before digital cameras.

  3. Functional Atheist says:

    It reminds me of Pee Wee’s Playhouse–on wheels!–with Rick as the butched-up Pee Wee, an island of sanity and resolve amid the madness.

    And though Rick isn’t quite my idea of dreamy, NYC really is. Any fan of urban life should visit at least once–for me, the museums made the trip, but for others it might be the performing arts, or the restaurants, or the architecture, or the shopping, or the people-watching, or the kitsch, or the internationalism (so many immigrants from every corner of the world–plus the UN!).

    • Wow! That’s wonderful & almost spooky. Thanks for sharing it.

      Relatedly, a friend sent me this on Facebook last night. It’s newsreel footage of the 1935 parade, and the announcer is a hilariously bitchy British guy who snarks at pretty much everything. Heh! Plus, FDR is at the end, cutting some turkey:

  4. Paul says:

    Belated happy thanksgiving wishes everyone. I do wish we had something like this in the UK. Although it would be hampered by the British way of not wanting to appear like we were enjoying ourselves too much :-)

    @Functional Atheist – as someone who has never been to America, and would love to, NYC is top of my list. It always looks amazing. Though I confess most of my impressions of it are formed from films or Paul Simon lyrics, I like to think it would be very inspirational.

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