A lovely new moon:

Pretty pink bracelet:

Having a milkshake today. I have a milkshake like once or twice a year, max, so it was quite the occasion ;) (And yes, I really really need to re-paint my nails soon. Egad!)

A lovely light fixture in a grocery store parking lot:

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11 Responses to Some early December photos ♥

  1. Nice Pic’s, I especially like the Urban contrast to Mother Nature’s Moon,…and Yes, please do Those Nails Soon !

  2. Sean says:

    Loving the milkshake photo! =)

  3. Jason says:

    They are lovely photographs!

  4. Thanny says:

    Hate to slaughter the innocent offspring of a louse, but that’s a crescent moon. A new moon is completely dark.

  5. Ok now I’m jealous, I want a milkshake!!!

  6. David says:

    I have a milkshake, it brings all the boys to the yard…

  7. Ed Martin says:

    Although I like the Dr. Seuss lamppost style (not the apollo bue), it probably looks better in chassis black.

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