Very exciting!: I’m going to be on a panel at The Amazing Meeting 2012. I’m really grateful for the opportunity & will post more info about the panel when it becomes available. I’m looking forward to the conference and to spending time with friends in Vegas. Oh, Vegas. I do love you so & it’s been a year since last I saw you :)

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  1. irondanimal says:

    Very glad to hear it too. Congratulations :-)

  2. Functional Atheist says:

    I think the word kitsch has to come to mind in even the most glowing perception of Vegas. I like the town very much–especially the handful of older properties that remain downtown. Bloody Marys for breakfast, shrimp cocktails, single deck blackjack, cocktail waitresses who call everyone ‘honey’–what’s not to love? Vegas is about excess, about so bad its good, about being over-the-top–in short, its kitsch, with a dash of naughtiness.

    And while I rue the Disneyfication of the city, as do you, in terms of the attempts to make the place family-friendly and to downplay the naughtiness, I think there’s always been a bit of Disney to the town. Cinderella’s castle, the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the “Its a Small World” ride with the singing dolls–there’s always been a good deal kitsch to Disneyland. The opening of Disneyland in the ’50’s coincided with the first big growth spurt in Vegas, and I think the aesthetic overlap between Disney and Vegas goes older and deeper than the modern attempts to clean Vegas up for the kids.

    And congrats on TAM. Have a fun time!

  3. femtospace says:

    Congratulations, Miranda!

  4. INTP says:

    I’m thinking of attending so maybe I’ll see you there. :) I was planning to take a short vacation sometime this year. I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Vegas, but I’m sure I would enjoy meeting many people and listening to the various speakers.

  5. Alex or Kimba says:

    I am thrilled to following your updates on this privileged panel. I wish I could attend. Being on Facebook and having subscribed to your blog is exciting enough. Best of luck and looking forward to reading about your discussion. Sincerely, Alex

  6. John Greg says:

    Miranda, will you be gracing us with a report on your TAM experience? I, for one, am certainly looking forward to it.

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  8. May the IPU be with you. :)

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