I’ll take Manhattan in a garbage bag

with Latin written on it that says

“it’s hard to give a shit these days”.

Manhattan’s sinking like a rock

into the filthy Hudson, what a shock.

They wrote a book about it.

They said it was like ancient Rome.


The perfume burned his eyes

holding tightly to her thighs.

And then something flickered for a minute

and then it vanished and was gone.

– Lou Reed: Romeo Had Juliette


Goodbye, Lou. Thank you for opening my sixteen-year-old-girl eyes, my lost, confused, lonely, and sheltered eyes, to a beautiful imperfect painful achingly gorgeous sad thrilling wonderful world that I’d never seen before.

Thank you for the brilliance. For all of it, for everything.

And thank you for saving me, over and over again.

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2 Responses to “…and then it vanished and was gone” (goodbye Lou)

  1. Mike Bodmer says:

    “New York” was a great CD, I still enjoy it.

  2. TimF says:

    Wow, found your blog just now, and here you have titled this post with my favorite Lou Reed line. Made my day, but also made me sad. BTW, have you seen his performance of ‘Romeo had Juliette’ at Montreaux in 2000? Worth purchasing the DVD for.

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