Tonight’s episode of Al Jazeera America’s The Stream  was about the so-called “Pope Francis Effect“. I was asked to record a 30 second video comment about Pope Francis for the show. I’ve embedded the video below (along with an audio-only version of my comment). Unfortunately, I don’t have cable tv at home, so I wasn’t able to watch the show. I did follow the discussion on Twitter, though, and apparently my video aired about five minutes into the episode.

Because my commentary is only 30 seconds long, I wasn’t able to go into much detail. However, I’ve written a lot about the issues that I discussed, and those posts/articles/etc. can be found here, here, and here.


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One Response to My brief video commentary on Pope Francis that aired on tonight’s episode of AJAM’s ‘The Stream’

  1. The Justicar says:

    From your video I can deduce one very important fact: should the Pope get pied or fleeced or something, PETA won’t be whining about it.

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