Yesterday, a friend sent me a hilarious & adorable LOLPolydactylCat picture (see below), which made me think of Ernest Hemingway and his beloved bevy of polydactyl cats. In my reply to my friend’s email, I included some pictures of Hemingway and his cats and some lolzy commentary. When my friend saw my email, he said “omg, you totally need to put this on your blog” (well, he probably didn’t actually say “omg” or “totally”, as he’s a grown man and all, but just roll with me here). So, voila:



Oh hai, polydactylous kitteh. U can come live with Hemingway!

1) He’ll stare at you while you groom:

Hemingway stares at you


 2) He’ll let you and 453262 other kittehs eat delicious noms all day while he chills out in bed, half-naked, working on a new story. He’ll tell you that it’s a story about “elephants”, and you’ll think to yourself, “dude, iceberg theory tells me otherwise”, but you won’t say that aloud because you’ll be eating tuna all day long and I mean, when it comes down to “debating literary theory” or “stuffing your mouth with delicious tuna 24/7”, only a dumbass would choose the literary theory option. I mean, tuna! All day. Come on now.

Hemingway gives you noms


3)  If you ever feel like staring at his belt for hours at a time, he won’t mind. He won’t even ask why:

Hemingway uses you as a belt


4)  And, when you feel like a hug, he’ll have your back (he’ll squeeze way too hard, but you’ll be cool with that. He’s Hemingway and all. Plus, when you stared at his belt for five hours straight the other day, he didn’t ask why, and you’re grateful for that because you really didn’t want him to know how much catnip you’d had. Man oh man that was some good nip though I tell you what…):

Hemingway hugs you


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  1. Rich L says:

    To Haz and Haz not?

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