My TAM interview with the RDFRSBelow, I’ve embedded parts one and two of my TAM2013 interview with the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (the RDFRS). The interview was filmed in Las Vegas in July 2013, during  the JREF‘s annual The Amazing Meeting (I’ve been a presenter at two TAMs so far: TAM2012 and TAM2013), and is part of the RDFRS’s “Meet the Amaz!ng TAMers” interview series. (On the RDFRS’s YouTube Channel, you can also watch both parts of this interview as a playlist.)

The interview covers all sorts of topics that I care about/know about, including how/why I believe that rhetoric is one of the most important parts of the “skeptic’s toolkit”, the intersection of rhetoric and skeptical activism, the (all-too-often neglected) importance of rhetoric, skillful persuasion, and ethical and effective communication within skeptical activism/the skeptic movement, the value of scientific skepticism,  the importance of developing, fully possessing, and effectively utilizing critical thinking skills in every area of our lives, the dangers of Catholicism, the corrupt nature of the Catholic Church, the institutionally-sanctioned long-term cover up of clergy child rapists, the negative after-effects of childhood religious indoctrination, how teaching a child to constantly fear that they’ll end up spending an eternity burning in a literal hell for even the smallest of transgressions is indeed a form of child abuse, the lack of internet resources for ex-Catholics, etc. I had a wonderful time doing this interview and am grateful to have had the opportunity.



And, via SoundCloud, I’ve also embedded the audio-only versions of the interview clips. You can either stream the audio or download the .mp3 files:


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