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Various interviews, appearances, discussions, and such…


(This playlist is also available on my YouTube channel if you’d prefer to watch the videos one at a time. Additionally, I’ve posted links to each of the individual videos below (links to videos are in bold)).


1/2) Interview: parts one and two of my TAM2013 interview with the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (the RDFRS). The interview was filmed in Las Vegas in July 2013, during  the JREF‘s annual The Amazing Meeting and is part of the RDFRS’s “Meet the Amaz!ng TAMers” interview series. (On the RDFRS’s YouTube Channel, you can also watch both parts of this interview as a playlist, and both parts of the interview are available in audio-only format on SoundCloud)


3) Interview: January 20th, 20143rd International Day of Protest Against Hereditary Religion (begins at 2 hours & 6 minutes into the video)


4) Interview:  February 22nd, 2014–  24 Hour Podcast-a-Thon for Foundation Beyond Belief

  • My related blog post/show notes


5) Interview/Panel Discussion: April 9th, 2014The Skeptic Canary Show Episode 50: QEDcon preview and Episode 50 celebration (also available in audio-only format on iTunes)

  • My related blog post/show notes


6)  Interview: March 1st, 2014Atheist Hangouts Episode 42: Miranda Hale and Candice Bell (also available in audio-only format on Stitcher and on Spreaker)


7)  Commentary: December 4th, 2013– Brief discussion of Pope Francis that aired on Al Jazeera America’s “The Stream”


8) Panel Appearance: February 6th, 2013Virtual Skeptics Episode #25


9) Panel Appearance: October 31st, 2012Virtual Skeptics Episode #12


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